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This is the front-end of the controller as a rest services. Important to remember are 3 folders in the tomcat root folder
+ microservices-log
+ microservices-collection
+ microservices-upload
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# Olive Micro-service framework - REST Interface
The Olive Micro-service framework is a component that allow the definition of micro-services via configuration and manage their lifecycle. This component is designed in order to be used as main interface to connect the Olive CMS and the ADOxx platform with the external world.
The Framework is composed of two main component: The Micro-service Controller and the Connector Controller. Both are available in the same project package and exposed with Java APIs.
This package provide REST APIs (including a web management UI), over the main JAVA APIs.
## Configuration
Update the paths in the configuration file config.json under micro-service-controller-rest\src\main\resources\org\adoxx\microservice\api\rest
The required configuration keys are:
* microservicesDefinitionFolder: containing the folder where to store the microservices Json configuration files.
* uploadFolder: containing the folder where to store the uploaded files.
* logFileName : containing the path of the log file.
* autostartEnabled: when true all the microservice that have an autostart property enabled will start at runtime.
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