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# Arduino IDE setup
1) Connect the Arduino device with USB cable.
2) Install the CP2102 Driver in the Drivers folder or download the last from .
3) Open the Arduino IDE Preferences and in the "Additional Boards Manager URLs:" add the following URL:, .
4) Open the Board Manager in the Tool menu of the Arduino IDE, search "esp32" and Install the latest version.
5) Select the "TTGO T1" Board in the Tool menu of the Arduino IDE, under ESP32 Arduino boards.
6) Select the last COM port Tool menu of the Arduino IDE, under the Port menu.
7) Open the Library Management in the Tool/Manage Libraries menu of the Arduino IDE and install "Adafruit PN532" v1.0.4
8) Include all the libraries in the Library folder opening the Sketch menu then Include Library and ADD .Zip Librarys
# Configuration
1) Upload the microservices found in the MICROSERVICES folder, in using the Upload button.
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