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# LDAP Config
## Requirements
Apache Directory Studio 2.0
## Instructions
1) In Apache Directory Studio create a new LDAP server with default configuration: Right click in the LDAP Server tab visible in the main window of Apache Directory Studio.
2) Start the created LDAP server: in the LDAP Server tab, right click over the new created server and click 'Run'.
3) Create a connection to the server: in the LDAP Server tab, right click over the new created server and click 'Create connection'.
4) Import the provided schema: in the LDAP Browser tab, right click over the Root DSE entry, then Import, then LDIF Import. Select the olive_ldap_schema.ldif file and click 'Finish'.
ATTENTION: after this phase you need to manually edit your LDAP schema in the following way or once stopped the server will not be able to start again:
5) Open the following file with a text editor:<br>
(on windows) C:\Users\youruser\.ApacheDirectoryStudio\.metadata\.plugins\\servers\ff45f39f-aee0-4e8a-94a4-463ac1bb2ad6\partitions\schema\ou=schema\cn=pwm.ldif<br>
(on linux) .ApacheDirectoryStudio is in your home folder
6) Edit the creatorsName field changing its value to 'creatorsName: cn=admin'
Now your server will be able to restart
The imported schema contain two users:
- admin: to use as admin user for the LDAP
- omilab.admin: to use as admin user for the Olive platform
for both users the default password is 'password'
The LDAP can be connected using the following configuration in Olive:
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